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We offer a range of iPad and Tablet Repairs - Please choose your make and model below. If you do not see your iPad or Tablet please give us a call for an estimate!


iPad and Tablet Repairs

Rapid iPhone Repair offers a wide range of iPad and tablet repair services at affordable prices and fast turnaround times. We combine years of experience in the repair industry with our drive to keep our customers connected to provide the best repair services in Arizona.

The technicians we work with are trained and are experts in anything iPad, Samsung tablet, Kindle, and many others. They’re ready to diagnose and repair your tablet at any given time, provided we have the components your tablet or iPad needs in our inventory.

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Can’t find the tablet brand you need help with? Click here to view the contact details of our 6 Arizona locations. Give us a call or visit us, and we’ll be more than glad to assist you with your iPad and Samsung tablet repair needs.

Because we want you to enjoy the convenience of your iPad and Samsung tablet, we’re offering repairs that are high-quality and guaranteed.

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  • Screen Glass and LCD Replacement

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  • Charging Port Repair

  • Earpiece Speaker Replacement

  • Loudspeaker Repair

  • Front Camera Repair

  • Microphone Repair

  • Rear Camera Repair

  • Water Damage Repair