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Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget? With over 8 years of experience and countless hours spent working on devices you can trust our professional techs with any device issue you may have. Since we are a small local business and we are not owned by a large corporation, most We will give you cash for your used or broken device. We will come to you to collect your device & pass you cash. Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

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Most Common Cellphone Problems

IPhone Water Damage

Water damage can happen at any given time, although newer iPhones are water-resistant, it is still possible. Don't dispair, in most cases we can help with that!

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Cracked Back Glass

Now that all the new iPhones have glass backs it is just as likely that it will crack from the drop same as the front screen. Don't worry, we offer back glass repair in all of our locations, and it can be done the same day in most cases.

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Battery Malfunction

Did you know that the average cellphone battery considerably degrades after 2 years of use? We can fix that! We offer battery replacements at all of our locations.

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Friendly and speedy fast. Thank you Joe for your professional assistance!I recommend coming here for any assistance.


Virginia O. / Chandler

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I brought my iPad here to get it fixed and they were super fast and had it ready the next day. They’ve worked with me about pick up time and all the employees were so helpful and polite.


Stephanie Arizola / Chandler

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Great customer service fixed my phone and it's in perfect condition. Don't go to the mall and have a kiosk person fix your phone they will rip you off. This place fixed what they messed up. 10/10


kimberly r. / Chandler

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What is the best apple computer repair near me?

Impeccable quality, good transfer speed, original style — this is not a complete list of the important advantages of the MacBook Pro. MacBook has long established itself as a reliable assistant for developers, designers and ordinary users. Unfortunately, reliability is out of the question when an Apple laptop is exposed. Typically, drops and impacts damage the case and display, less often internal modules. When the MacBook Pro is wet, on the contrary, there is a high probability of disrupting the operation of the microcircuits, but not damaging the aluminum frame and the screen. As much as the owners of Apple laptops do not want it, sometimes, Mac laptop repairs are simply necessary.

It's a shame when, in an instant, due to negligence, the device does not function. Mac computer repairs require special knowledge and special skills, which are perfectly mastered by the masters of our Rapid iPhone Repair service center. Apple designed the MacBook Pro to be dropped by providing a MagSafe power connector. In the event of an unexpected jerk of the charging system, the connector, which is held in the socket by the presence of a magnet, is easily detached. In this case, the device remains in place in a stationary state. Of course, there are often situations when MagSafe itself fails — the cord is interrupted or the power supply burns out. If you happen to encounter such a difficulty, we suggest contacting the Rapid iPhone Repair service center for help. We have extensive experience in restoring the operation of such devices.


Rapid iPhone Repair service center as the best apple computer repair near me

Turning to Rapid iPhone Repair for help, you can be sure of prompt and high-quality Apple PC repair. Rapid iPhone Repair competent specialists provide warranty Mac computer services. Before carrying out Apple PC repair work, we perform a thorough diagnostics of the MacBook Pro using special equipment and special software systems presented directly by Apple. A common reason for users to contact us is mechanical damage to the screen, which leads to cracks and other defects. We professionally carry out replacement of protective glass or laptop displays. Rapid iPhone Repair specialists carry out preventive cleaning of MacBook Pro from dust, promptly replacing thermal paste. Liquid spills are a common problem among laptop users. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the device, if possible, disconnect the battery and urgently contact the service center.

Our technicians expertly install the Windows operating system on computer devices. We are modernizing MacBook Pros by installing SSD-drives, increasing the memory capacity of devices. We provide a full range of Mac computer repairs and maintenance Mac computer services for models of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 years. Our engineers carry out repairs of any complexity. Clients appreciate us for the fact that we work on the principle of honesty. Having entrusted the repair of the MacBook to the hands of professionals, you can definitely get it right, and you will need help in the way that is required for the optimal update of your technology. Our specialists know how and what to do, and are always ready to provide you with a quality service of Mac laptop repairs. We love what we do, and this allows us to work with maximum efficiency so that you are satisfied.