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Rapid iPhone Repair in Chandler, AZ - Cell Phone and Computer Repair


Not only do we repair phones but we work on computers and MacBooks as well. Rapid iPhone Repair in Chandler, AZ has your back when it comes to these types of device repairs. We fix broken MacBook and computer screens, battery replacements, and virus removals. Our techs will use the highest quality parts available on the market and offer the best possible repair cost. We offer affordable computer repair service near you.

We offer other repair services as well, starting from simple cell phone repairs and ending with water-damaged device repairs. We also offer broken game console repair. We work on brands like Sony Playstation, Xboxes, and Nintendo Switches.

Screen repair are just some of the easier services we offer, some of our other expertise includes repairs like micro-soldering on a motherboard level and data recovery from mostly from water damaged phones or computers, or devices that have sustained heavy physical damage, look no further and come seek professional help from Rapid iPhone Repair in Chandler

Diagnostics are free of charge for all cell phones and tablets. For computers and MacBooks, there is a small fee, but this fee can be waived if you chose to repair your device once we find the issue and provide a repair quote. Generally, all computer and laptop repairs can be done the same week but if you are in a pinch and need these done faster, overnight options are available for an additional fee.

We do price matches, if any of our local competitors are offering a better deal we will match at Rapid iPhone Repair in Chandler, AZ. Conditions may apply, our competitors have to offer the same quality parts that are used in our repairs.

Cell phone repair should not leave you stunned, we strive to offer the best and most competitively priced service available, most cell phone repair parts are on hand and can be done the same day, within a few hours usually.

Most of our iPad repairs are done the same day as well, iPad screens can be replaced in 2-4hrs without any prior appointments. 

Worry-free repairs are what we strive for at Rapid iPhone Repair in Chandler, AZ, please stop in today.