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Don’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget? With over 8 years of experience and countless hours spent working on devices you can trust our professional techs with any device issue you may have. Since we are a small local business and we are not owned by a large corporation, most We will give you cash for your used or broken device. We will come to you to collect your device & pass you cash. Sit back & relax. Enjoy our service at your convenience.

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Most Common Cellphone Problems

IPhone Water Damage

Water damage can happen at any given time, although newer iPhones are water-resistant, it is still possible. Don't dispair, in most cases we can help with that!

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Cracked Back Glass

Now that all the new iPhones have glass backs it is just as likely that it will crack from the drop same as the front screen. Don't worry, we offer back glass repair in all of our locations, and it can be done the same day in most cases.

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Battery Malfunction

Did you know that the average cellphone battery considerably degrades after 2 years of use? We can fix that! We offer battery replacements at all of our locations.

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We needed to have a battery replaced and Brian provided great service, and was very nice courteous! The service was fast and we are very satisfied! Thank you, Rapid iPhone Repair, Tempe!


Maria A. / Tempe

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Helpful staff, quick and quality service. Thank you Rapid iPhone Repair!


British W. / Tempe

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Great work. Got my phone fixed in less than 30 minutes. Highly recommend you come visit these guys.


Omar G. / Tempe

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How to send an iPhone to Apple for repair?

Any technique breaks down, and Apple devices are no exception. iPhone broken? What to do to fix the problem as soon as possible? iPhone repairs under warranty can be paid and free of charge. Those customers whose problems are associated with a factory defect are subject to free iPhone service and repair. Free of charge authorized iPhone service repair or replaces gadgets with camera misalignment, pixels that have not been working since the moment of purchase, etc.

There are cases when free iPhone service and repair will be denied:

  • discrepancy between the data on the serial number and the real data of the smartphone: discrepancy in color, size, model (due to suspicion of fraud);

  • jailbreak installation;

  • traces of intentional breakdown of the phone (the owner broke the screen under the guise of a factory defect in order to get a replacement, etc.);

  • installation of a non-original battery;

  • signs of moisture entering the device;

  • the malfunction is not included in the list of warranty cases, since it is not a factory one, but a purchased one.

The buyer has every right to turn to wherever it is more convenient for him. But even if the iPhone is handed over to a store, in the end it will be sent to the iPhone service and repair. That’s why it’s better to visit authorized iPhone service repair called Rapid iPhone Repairs. If you don’t know how to send an iPhone to Apple for repair, just contact our managers and they will help you with this question. Apple reparacion will be done on a high level without specific delays.


Authorized iPhone service repair: steps of Apple reparacion

Rapid iPhone Repairs is always ready to help. Certified Apple repairs are performed by tested professionals using genuine Apple parts. Just for such iPhone care repair will provide support. Whichever repair position you choose, you can be confident that your goods will perform as expected after servicing. Due to their versatility and compactness, Apple gadgets are very popular. Manufacturers present all spare parts with high quality, attaching a warranty to the devices. iPhone care repair at home is almost impossible. In the absence of skills and professional equipment, the situation is only aggravated, so it is still better to take the phone to Rapid iPhone Repairs, besides, the prices for our services are not so high. It is highly discouraged to use cutlery. Do not use a kitchen knife. The thickness of the metal can only lead to damage.

There are basic steps for service options iPhone. Mobile Apple repair recommends having a set of professional screwdrivers, a plastic incet, a special knife with a thin blade and a plastic spatula for opening the device. Service options iPhone may include removing the outer case for further repair. In this case, sort all bolts separately. Each component has its own diameter and length. Assess the situation and current breakdown inside the device. Transfer new parts. With a complete body, the whole process takes only 3-5 minutes. Screw on the shields. Reinstall the loops and connect the bottom micro-loop. Test your iPhone. After turning on the phone, carefully examine the display. After waiting for a full download, check the touchscreen. At the end of the work, we fasten the module until a click appears and fasten the 2 external bolts. If everything is done correctly, there will be no smudges or streaks on the screen, and turning the iPhone on and off will not be a problem.