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Broken iPad screen? Bad battery, charging port not working? Don't worry we got you covered. We can fix most iPad issues the same day. If you don't see your problem listed here chances are we can still repair it - estimates are always free!

What is the best iPad Air battery replacement service?

Since the presentation of the first iPad tablet in January 2010, there have been many fans of Apple tablets, it has absorbed all the best from the company. With each release of the new version improving, the attractive design remained in the tablet, and the weight changed — the iPad tablet lost weight. This trend is clearly visible in the latest generation Air and Pro tablets. Improving performance and reducing weight, Apple does not forget about the well-known convenience and stability of its devices, thanks to a huge set of applications in the AppStore, a powerful battery, well-coordinated work of all functions — more and more people prefer iPad tablets.

In the case, as with the repair of the iPhone, the “face” often suffers in the iPad tablets — a display that does not forgive careless handling. Unlike the smaller iPhone, the tablet from Apple has a greater weight and diagonal, therefore, the likelihood of getting a "scratch" is much higher.

The most common reasons for contacting the Rapid iPhone Repair service center:

  • broken glass;

  • worn out battery;

  • sunken Home button;

  • failed charging connector;

  • water ingress;

  • deformation of the body;

  • failure of elements of the motherboard;

  • manufacturing defects.

At the Rapid iPhone Repair service center, the iPad Air repair is done according to the following rules:

  • device reception;

  • fault diagnosis;

  • agreement on the cost of repairs;

  • debugg;

  • final testing;

  • delivery of the repaired tablet.

You can familiarize yourself with the approximate terms of iPad Air repair in the price list. You can get more detailed information about iPad Pro repair cost by contacting the Rapid iPhone Repair service center. Our managers are also always ready to help with the choice of branded accessories, create an Apple ID account, transfer data and provide recommendations about Apple gadgets.


Rapid iPhone Repair as iPad Air battery replacement service

iPad tablet is a modern tablet computer with a wide range of applications. It serves as a means for accessing the Internet, watching videos, listening to music, taking photos and videos, storing information, organizing the workflow. Today, we can safely say that the iPad is the only tablet that can satisfy the user in our time. Our Rapid iPhone Repair service center specializes in iPad Air 2 repair and maintenance in the United States. Before handing over the cracked iPad mini for repair, we recommend that you make a backup copy of the data in order to prevent loss of information. If the main task is to restore data from a faulty and cracked iPad mini tablet, then this task can be performed by bringing the device into working condition (there are no other options). You can find out iPad Pro repair cost on our website

Our Rapid iPhone Repair service uses the latest diagnostic equipment, which allows us to diagnose the device within 10-20 minutes. Our specialists are certified annually and are the best experts in this field. Branches of the Rapid iPhone Repair service center are located in various cities of the United States. We use two types of spare parts to do  iPad Air 2 repair: OEM copies and Original. OEM copies are used on older tablets where production of original parts has already been suspended. New iPads not older than 4 years are equipped with original spare parts manufactured according to the Foxconn factory standard. The warranty period depends on the type of part installed. As a rule, we give a 3 month warranty for OEM spare parts, and 6 to 12 months for original spare parts. Our masters will provide iPad Air 2 repair as soon as possible, and will also provide a guarantee for the work performed.