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Broken LG screen? Bad battery, charging port not working? Don't worry we got you covered. We can fix most LG issues the same day. If you don't see your problem listed here chances are we can still repair it - estimates are always free!

Rapid iPhone Repairs is LG mobile repair service center!

Modern LG phones cost a lot of money, so throwing them out after a regular break would be inappropriate. In 70% of cases, the problem is not so serious, and its elimination will take no more than one day. If you entrust the LG warranty repair to professional and reliable hands, then you will need to buy a new device by yourself. Rapid iPhone Repairs is a network of service centers for paid repair of LG mobile phones in the USA. Specially manufactured equipment, streamlined technological process, and qualified employees allow us to do LG warranty repairs of any model at a high level. The Rapid iPhone Repairs service center team provides quality and reliable maintenance of the portable electronics, regardless of the nature and degree of its alarms. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that a timely call to a specialist will increase the chances for a successful re-establishment.

Rapid iPhone Repairs service center will repair any LG phone model — from the simple to the most complex. And we carry out the following types of LG warranty repair work:

  • recovering, cleaning and repairing your phone after it gets wet;

  • repair of HTC phones after shock and mechanical damage;

  • replacement and repair of telephone power supply circuits;

  • replacement and restoration of soldering BGA chips of the phone;

  • reprogramming, removing the security code, updating the phone software version.

Our Rapid iPhone Repairs service center now stocks a large number of original spare parts for the most common models of mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to this, we can carry out repairs to replace parts in the shortest possible time. For rare models and rare phones, we have the opportunity to order displays, sensors, battery covers, front panels, etc. directly from manufacturers, which allows us to do such LG warranty repairs that other services cannot afford.


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Rapid iPhone Repairs is a service center for the LG service repair that offers customers a high level of service, prompt and high-quality execution. Due to the technical equipment of the office with high-tech equipment, the colossal experience of the team of craftsmen and the availability of parts, the Rapid iPhone Repairs service center guarantees the highest quality of repairs, high speed of work and affordable prices. Interested in the cost of repairing a mobile? Ask a consultant. If the LG phone has been dropped, but there is no visible damage, this is the reason for contacting an LG service center. Rapid iPhone Repairs will diagnose your LG phone and identify potential component defects, if any. Timely contact with experienced engineers allows you to replace damaged parts and extend the life of your LG smartphone. 

Mechanical damage is eliminated by replacing the damaged component: screen, connector, cable, board, touchscreen, LG phone display. Rapid iPhone Repairs guarantees prompt LG service repair and replacement of failed components with brand new ones, which provides the client with comfort and the device extends its service life. If your LG cell phone has never been dropped on a hard surface, over time, the LG phone will get scratches and scuffs as a result of the plastic coming into contact with rougher objects. The resulting scratches negatively affect the appearance of the device. In this case, the Rapid iPhone Repairs wizards suggest replacing the LG case with a new one. The worn-out body will be replaced with a new and original one, which will positively reflect on the presentability of the LG smartphone.